Tuesday, January 31, 2012

And Finally

The is one intense face....sitting in pure anticipation of seeing Shamu

And this was priceless....Shamu was perched on the ledge just below us and the trainer had him stick out his tongue.  And amazingly I caught this photo or Tori sticking her tongue back out at him!!

The girls were having a blast......making noises lying on their back as the stroller vibrated (almost violently in my opinion) down the rocky sidewalks!!

Where is Nemo, where is Nemo..there he is, there he is!!

Their stances just crack me up....they are so growny!!

Not the best picture....but it was the last picture of the day....and Taylor loved this HUGE Christmas tree!
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Monday, January 30, 2012

And Again!

This humongous playground is probably the girls favorite attraction

But its enough to drive a mother crazy trying to keep track of them

Not sure why but this is one of  my favorite photos of the whole trip

Here we go again....not being so photogenic for the photo op so graciously provided

Ahhhhh.....simply beautiful...little Nerd!!

She is such a little "poser"

But I do love it when they are the ones wanting to take the picture....the loved the walrus

And this will forever be in the memory......"I'm the king of the world"

Oh....one day we will get the photo op right

Oh how she lovers her Nana
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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sea World....Continued Again

We had such a good time feeding the sea lions!!  Well...and the birds!!

Ms Tori who NEVER touches a fish....I was sooo proud of her...and she was sooo excited!!

And then there is Ms Taylor....who will touch just about anything :)  (most of which she ends up putting in her mouth)


Followed by more....Pure....Simple.....Beauty

Tori found her a big friend who seemed to be excited to play

These pictures do not do it much justice....but the grounds were gorgeously decorated for Christmas

And one thing they both love to do....ride rides!!

Can you tell which one is the chicken???
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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sea World...Continued

I wish I could express how excited I was for these two

Tori never is real sure about sticking her hands in the sting ray tank

When we got to the dolphin tank, it was feeding time...so all the dolphins were all preoccupied at the other end of the pool.  When randomly, all of a sudden, one came racing down to the end where we were standing, jumped out of the water then landed with a HUGE splash.  Needless to say....Taylor and I got soaked!!  It was hilarious and Taylor loved it.

Tori....the Queen of pouting :)

Especially when she's trying to get her way!!

It was such a treat to be able to have Nana come along.  She loves it, and we love her....so it works well for all of us!!

The penguin exhibit was one of their favorites and they loved these headbands!!

One of my favorite things about Sea World is all the opportunities it provides for great photo shots.  Too bad the main subjects are not always....cooperative!!

Can't wait to take them back again
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Friday, January 13, 2012

Just For You Aunt Teresa

What a BIG night we had....Taylor had been asking to get her ears pierced, so for Christmas Uncle Ron and Aunt Casey got her a gift certificate to Claire's! So last night we headed off to the mall. Of course she picked the most expensive pair of earrings!!
She sat like such a big girl in the chair and just a few seconds later.....
One ear was done
Followed by the other ear
Beautiful and soooooo proud!!!
And little sister was so excited she wanted hers done too.
She had noooo idea it was actually going to hurt :(
She picked some cute Hello Kitty earrings and a few seconds later....all we had was ONE earring!!
It took no less than 10 minutes to convince her she had to do the other one too....but finally we did it!
An now I have two very excited little girls with pierced ears.
Then it was Chick Fil A and pretzel bites for dinner!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Day 2:Sea World Adventure

Pretty pictures by the flowers mommy!!
Sure honey...whatever you say
We knew we would find goofy somewhere
Well....it was supposed to be a good picture??
My beautiful little... NERD
Even the parking lot makes for pretty pictures